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While Victor Snap traps work well, they have their downfalls, The are a hassle and are slow. You have to purchase multiple snap traps, bait and set each one. These mouse traps only kill one mouse at a time and also have false triggers if not set up correctly, this results in a slow extermination of your mice problem.


Glue traps for mice sometimes work and sometimes they don't, mice can still get away with stealing bait from a glue trap. Also they are very messy to deal with, sometimes the mouse is still alive on the trap when you check on it the next day.


Mouse poison is said to only get rid of 25% of your mouse problem. If you have a colony of mice (which you do) mouse poison will not get rid of your entire problem, it will only slow it down.


Any of these style mouse traps are the ultimate in removing numerous mice in record time. These are the best mouse traps for mice, they act like a magnet attracting mice directly into the trap.Rolling Log Mouse Trap

Are you experiencing a problem with mice? At Dead Mouse Inc. we have designed the ultimate rolling mouse trap that eliminates the problem fast! We understand that catching one mouse at a time is just not efficient and in most cases is rather uncomfortable. We understand you don’t want to prolong the process or have to continually remove dead mice from steel traps around your home or business.

Thus, we have created a solution that actually works. Our rolling log mouse trap system is a bucket design that can catch multiple mice in one night. The automatic reset makes it easy to lure and catch several mice in one night, so you no longer have to worry about resetting traps multiples nights in a row.

Rolling Mouse Trap is More Effective than Other Mousetraps

Not only can the rolling log mousetrap catch multiple pesky mice in one night, but the spinning design and automatic reset has a 98 percent kill rate, making it highly effective and more efficient than any other mousetrap on the market.

Gone are the days of setting a wire mousetrap with a piece of cheese and hoping that you would catch one in the night. The water creates a cleaner way to kill a mouse instead of possibly cutting off a hand and having it get away severely injured.

How It Works

So, how does this work? It is really simple. We have designed a rolling trap that automatically resets so you don’t have to touch it once you set it up. You simply set it up, add the peanut butter for bait, and then wait!

The setup is pretty simple:

1. Step one: drill two ¼ inch holes into the sides of a bucket.

2. Step two: insert the roller and bait with peanut butter.

3. Step three: add 4-6 inches of water to the bucket and secure the ramp to the rim of the bucket.

The way it works is the mice will climb up the ramp to get to the peanut butter bait. Once they are on the roller, it rotates, and they fall into the bucket. Since it resets automatically, multiple mice will go after the same bait and fall into the trap. Because it rotates nicely, it has a 98 percent kill rate.

Cleanup is super easy as well and you don’t have to worry about touching the trap or a dead mouse. You simple pour the bucket out.

Worried about Being Humane?

We understand that killing the mice is not what everyone wants to do. If you want to simply capture the mice so you can move them to a different area where they are no longer bothersome to you, you can use the trap without water and simply catch the mice.

This part is up to you! We have created the ultimate safe and non-toxic design for catching unwanted mice and what you choose to do from there is your choice.

Ready to Get Your Rolling Log Mouse Trap?

If you’ve been battling with unwanted mice and are ready to resolve the problem once and for all in a safe, nontoxic way, order your rolling log mousetrap today! All orders are free to ship and you can get one with or without the ramp. We understand your frustration and here to help!


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