Best Humane Mouse Trap

Mice can create a yucky and frustrating invasion in your home, shed, RV, trailer, businesses and more. While you may want to get rid of the problem, we understand you also want to be humane about it. At Dead Mouse Inc., we created the best, most humane mouse trap that can catch multiple mice in one night in a safe and nontoxic way.

The bucket style mouse trap utilizes nontoxic bait such as peanut butter, so you don’t have to worry about bringing poison into your home or business space. It is nonpoisonous and nontoxic, and it doesn’t utilize a dangerous spring-loaded mechanism. Because it does not have a spring mechanism, you don’t have to worry about a pet, child, or even yourself getting a finger or paw caught in the trap.

A Humane Way to Solve Your Mouse Problem

The rolling log mouse trap provides the most safe and humane way to get rid of mice. You can catch multiple mice in three easy steps:

1. Drill two ¼ inch holes into the sides of a 5-gallon bucket. (bucket is not included).

2. Secure the rolling log trap into the bucket and bait with peanut butter.

3. Secure the ramp to the rim of the bucket and add 4-6 inches of water (this is optional).

*If you do not want to kill the mice, you can skip the step of adding water and simply catch them in the bucket. You can then take the live mice and dump them somewhere far, far away so they no longer invade your home or business space.

If you choose to add the water, it creates an easy way to dispose of the dead mice as you do not have to touch them. You simply dump the bucket.

Effective Design

The effective design creates a 98 percent kill rate, meaning an injured or poisoned mouse will not get away and suffer. It is a quick, nontoxic way to take care of the problem and make sure it doesn’t reoccur.

The rolling log mouse trap works because it is very lightweight. In fact, the rolling element is 2-4 ounces lighter than the average mouse creating a design that works over and over so you can catch multiple mice in one night and eliminate the need to reset a trap night after night.

Humane Mouse Trap for All Types of Spaces

Mice can invade any type of space and let’s face it — it’s all frustrating and gross! The rolling log mouse trap creates a safe and humane way to catch multiple mice in several areas such as:

· Kitchens and living spaces

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