Water bucket mousetrap

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

If you have a severe infestation of rodents at your home, here’s the last solution for the problem, the water bucket mousetrap. The trap is the most effective trap that you can easily make to get rid of that large and severe mice infestation.

This water bucket mouse trap is a killing mouse trap that you can use at any place in your home. If you want to use the trap as a humane mousetrap, use it without water and release the caught mice at any safe location.

The Ultimate Water Bucket Mouse Trap

This ultimate water bucket mousetrap is perfect for catching multiple rodents in one attempt. It is also useful when you are dealing with the families of mice on your property.

You can also use other mouse trapping options such as poison, but those options have limitations, and some are not safe to use around kids and pets. So, this water bucket trap is also suitable if you have other pets in your home.

Using and setting this trap is effortless, and below is the complete guide about the setup.

How to make the water Bucket Mouse Trap

You’ll need:

· Bucket or small trashcan; ensure that bucket or can is fairly deep enough.

· A PVC pipe bigger than the dowel.

· One wooden rod.

· Mouse bait. We prefer peanut butter over other baits.

Now drill two holes in the bucket (top side) and on both sides. Ensure that both holes are at the top or near it as the mice will climb onto the wooden rod. If the holes are drilled down, the mice will not try to go to the bait.

Now, slide the wooden rod through those holes, then put the PVC pipe onto the rod. Keep sliding the PVC pipe till it reaches the other end. Now, put some peanut butter or any other bait onto the piece of PVC and wait for the mice to get trapped and fall into the bucket.

Live or Dead Trap, You Decide

Fill the bucket with the water if you want the mice to get drowned. However, if you want to treat them kindly, don’t fill the bucket with water. And you can dump them away from your place.

When the mouse strolls across the rod and tries to walk on the PVC to get the bait, the PVC will spin, causing the rat to tumble down into the bucket. Keep in mind that mice can jump high, so ensure that your bucket is tall and deep. Mostly, water bucket mousetraps are made to kill the mice, so if you have the same plans, fill the bucket ¼ with water, and mice will get drowned in it.

This water bucket mousetrap is suitable for indoor and outdoor places, and it can efficiently catch multiple mice at a time. However, don’t forget to check the trap daily.

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