Walk the plank mouse trap

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

It doesn’t matter that you live in any busy city or live in the countryside on your own; the mouse will be there before you. And you surely know about their powers and skills. They can make your place a complete mess rapidly. So, it is vital to eliminate them from your home or office.

However, killing them is not the only option, and one humane way to deal with them is to use a walk the plank mousetrap. The trap is free and features a simple working mechanism.

Keeping your home free of rats and mice is an ongoing battle. A bitter truth, but it is truth. Before using walk the plank mousetrap or any other trap, you should precisely know what’s attracting them to your home. Mostly, they invade homes looking for food and shelter. Don’t provide these things to mice and rats and then use the mousetrap to catch them.

Traditional rat traps are risky, messy, and a bit sticky. Glue traps, snap traps or toxic poisons; just set this Walk the Plank trap once and trap multiple mice and rats. The trap is simple to clean. Maintain and empty. Here is the complete procedure:

How to Use Walk The Plank Mousetrap

· Find a tall and deep bucket to set the plank and trap.

· Ensure that the trap is placed to the edge of the bucket.

· Put the bucket with the trap in a place where you see them often.

· Find a long wooden piece or stick to make a ramp for the mickey to reach the plank.

· Put your bait at the end of the plank. You can use peanut butter or cheese as bait.

· Now, fill the water in the bucket if you want to use it as a killing trap, or else leave it empty.

· All set and done, now wait for them to fall into the trap. Check the bucket daily for the mice.

A few key things you should know:

Always use sugary items such as cheese or peanut butter as bait because such items are the favorite of mice and work better than other foodstuffs.

Don’t use too much bait. A little bait at the end with a smear in the middle is all you need.

Look out for the areas where the mice often come for walks. Chances will be higher if you place the trap in these areas.

To enhance the stability, you can also tape the traps with the bucket’s side. This will keep the trap stable until the mouse drops in the bucket.

Final Thoughts

Overall, walk the plank mousetrap is the practical, affordable, and easiest trap to use. Further, it is the best trap to catch multiple rats and mice. Similarly, no need to reset it when it catches any mouse. However, you must regularly check the bucket as the mice can die due to starvation or eat each other due to hunger.

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