Tips for placing mousetraps

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

The terror of a mouse entering your kitchen or running across the living room is much more than some horror movies. And when there’s one, it means there are many, many more and more than your expectations. These tiny feet and creatures might not scare some people, but you should be scared as they are a severe threat to your health and house. These little species have some amazing skills, such as they can effortlessly chew electrical wiring and spread various diseases by leaving behind their droppings and urine.

So, all these hazards conclude that you must know how to catch a mouse. As they say, “It’s better to be vigilant than to be sorry.” And if you don’t know, we have summarized the process below for you.


You can opt for humane mousetraps to catch a mouse. The traps are easily available online, or you can buy these from your local store. If you are an animal lover, use “no-kill traps” or “cage-style traps.” After getting a trap, take start with the place where you see them often. However, put multiple traps in different places as the chances of catching them will become higher.


Set the trap as mentioned in the package. Use peanut butter as bait for the mice. The sticky peanut butter will make sure that even if the mice bumps onto the trap, the bait will not move or slide from its place, and it will force it to enter the trap to get the bait.


Now place the traps adequately on all places in your home where you see them often. The most loved place of mice is the kitchen, as they get food leftovers from the pantry. Mice also love to sneak into refrigerators and stoves in search of food.

When placing the traps, look for any cracks or holes or potential entry points. Remember that mice can squeeze through tiny holes or dimes. So, place the trap near all such points to catch a mouse and seal them after catching the mouse.


Now all traps are set, so it is also vital to check them every night or morning. Wear rubber gloves when doing so or twice a day if the problem is severe.


If you don’t see any mice the next morning, keep the traps at the same position for at least a few days, and after that, you may change the position. You will have to test out a few locations, so be patient.

On the other hand, if you catch any, take a durable plastic bag and bag it for transportation. Take the creature to any bushy area or park away from your home. Don’t release them near your home as they can navigate back into your home.


After catching the mouse, don’t remove the traps. Instead, let them remain in the same location for a couple of days. Look for the mouse droppings around your home and where you found the mouse before, as there might be any other hangouts. Keep the traps active for at least a week, and if there is no mouse caught, you can remove them.

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