Things to consider before catching a mouse

For some people catching a mouse or rat is a mission impossible, and they think that they will never get rid of these horrible creatures from their home. We agree that the task is not simple, but it is not impossible by any means. It’s all about smart working and following effective strategies. Discovering the presence of a mouse in your home is alarming and sometimes stressful.

Here are a few things that you must consider before trapping or catching a mouse. These secrets are the perfect way to get started.

Your location matters

Your location is crucial to determine the mouse or rat’s type. This step is vital as it will decide which strategy you should adopt when catching the mouse. Rats or mice have many types. In fact, both these are not the same, and there are some differences between mice and rats.

Similarly, the diet of both these species is a bit different. Some specific types of rats are omnivorous, while some are herbivores. Mice are also omnivorous, but they prefer different food items such as veggies, fruits, and grains. So, before buying any mousetrap, you must know your enemy. Having said, you must know exactly you have a rat problem or mousetrap, then you should act accordingly.

Determine their favorite areas in your home

Always set the trap where you see the obvious signs of the invasion by rats or mice? You will find many signs if you look closely. Are you hearing scurrying in your walls? Are there any mouse droppings in your home? Do you see any gnaw marks near or on the food containers?

You must look out for such indications and signs to make and set your mouse traps effectively and to get the desired results.

Find the entrance

Now that you are sure about their presence, but do you know their entrance? These little creatures can invade from any place such as rooftops, gaps in the wall, through sewerage pipes, and little crawl spaces above the surface ground.

If you trap the mouse and forget to plug their entrance, they will surely come back for revenge. So, look out for all the entrances and seal them properly.

Determine why mice are more attractive to your home?

No one likes to live in the same that is the favorite place of these pests. But don’t worry, there are countless ways to make your place free of rats and mice. Hence adopt all the measures before the problem gets out of your control. Here are some tips to make your home mouse-proof.

Remove Food Stuff: Keep your food items in sealed containers, and don’t keep any open food boxes that the mouse can chew.

Seal Your House: Find any holes or cracks that mice or rats can use to enter your home. And if you have any, seal them immediately.

Sanitize Regularly: Nothing lure mouse and rats more than food residues. Clean and wash all the areas which you use to store food items. Similarly, keep your kitchen, eating, and storage areas crumb-free.

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