Rolling log mouse trap

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

The rolling mouse trap looks like a plank, but it is a bit more complicated. This is because the traps include moving parts. Furthermore, you will find several types of the rolling log mouse trap. The most common is the rolling pin attached to the top of a container. In this trap, the Bait is placed in the middle, and the mouse falls in the container as it tries to reach the bait.

Have you seen that video on YouTube uploaded by Shawn Woods that caught the 11 rodents in a night? A rolling log mouse trap was used in that ‘mission,’ so it’s evident how effective this trap is.

The rolling log mouse trap is a light-weight device, and usually, its rolling element weighs around 2 to 5 oz. that is much lighter than the mouse’s weight. When the mouse attempts to turn it around or sits on it to eat the bait, the mouse loses center of gravity and falls into the container.

If you are tired of setting and emptying several traps, or the mice at your home are too smart for sticky traps, this the perfect option for you. Rolling log traps for rats and mice works excellent, and it can clean out your whole place in a night.

Placing the trap is effortless. Grab a regular bucket, make two small holes on the bucket’s top and fill it with 4" to 6" of normal water. Use peanut butter as bait on the rolling log, and to make it more effective, apply vegetable oil in the slots. Mice will try to get the bait and ultimately fall in the bucket, then just flush them out.

Some additional tips about how to use rolling log mouse traps

Choose the trap’s size wisely, and you will find many sizes on the market.

Try to make notches in the top of the bucket and place the roller in those notches. This approach is more straightforward than drilling holes. You can use the bucket’s handle location to align the roller on the bucket’s middle.

Check your roller and ensure that it is freely moving. Similarly, distribute the bait evenly on the roller. This is because a large chunk of peanut butter may offset the rat's weight and prevent the roller from rotating. Ensure that you have applied the bait on the roller’s outer portions as well.

You can also use dish soap in the water as it will make it more slippery, and mice will not be able to jump or climb out of the bucket.

Lastly, we will advise you to keep the critter’s size in mind when placing the trap and, if needed, use a tall bucket so that they cannot come out of the bucket.

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