Mouse bucket device

The mouse bucket device is perfect for those who are looking for a simple, effective, and humane mouse trap. The device includes a bucket, a ramp made up of plank, or a rolling rod that makes the little fellow fall into the bucket gently without hurting it.

You can also add little water or sawdust in the bucket to prevent them from escaping, and then you can throw them far from your home without any bloody mess and without using any poisons, spray chemicals, or dangerous electric mouse traps.

This read is all about how to use the mouse bucket device efficiently.

Setting a Mice Trapping Bucket

When placing this trap, the most vital thing is to prevent the mouse from escaping from the trap without drowning them. This is why you should keep the water level to one-half inch (no more) or sawdust inside the bucket. This will prevent them from escaping and chewing the bucket. You can also apply grease on the sides of the bucket or use a little bit of cooking to prevent them from clawing up the bucket. If you plan to use it outdoors, only use it in hot temperatures. This is because too cold water can kill the mouse, so be kind to those not so kind creatures.

Mouse Bucket Trap Ramps

If you don’t want to include metal ramps in the mouse bucket device or your trap comes without a ramp, you can cut pieces of wood to make ramps as it will help the mouse to climb to the bucket. We will also advise you to wear protective gloves when building the trap.

You can also use non-slip grip stickers for extra grip to the walking ramp. The point is, don’t give them a reason to get away from the trap. Ensure that the mouse can reach the bait effortlessly without any hurdle.

Baiting the Mouse

In our opinion, peanut butter is the most favorite food of mice. But you also use any other item such as cheese or chocolate as bait in the mouse bucket device. Most experts and professionals recommend peanut butter. Bait the trap near the ramp, and put some pieces of cheese or bread or peanut butter as the bait will inspire the mouse to climb the top. Then enticing the mouse by placing a more substantial drop of peanut butter at the end of the ramp and middle of the rolling trap. It will attract them, and they will get trapped inside the bucket.

Some mice attract to smaller-sized pet food kibbles, smashed cookies, or strongly scented chocolate and cheeses. At times, you will have to experiment a bit when it comes to the type of bait. It also varies from region to region. But don’t give up; keep experimenting with the bait, trap’s locations, and you will catch them sooner or later with the mouse bucket device.

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