Most effective mousetrap

Though mice are small, they are big trouble when they enter your home, garage, cabinets, crawl spaces, and other places. Even the most passionate pet lovers don’t like their presence. They adopt all the measures to get rid of mice, as most of them carry Hantavirus or Salmonella bacteria and cause respiratory diseases. And if you think that your pet cat can help you out, no way. Not all cat breeds can catch a mouse.

So, if you also have this issue, you will have to use the most effective mousetraps to eliminate the problem. There are many types of mousetraps and which one is the most effective mousetrap depends on the severity of the problem. Another thing is how to use and place them. These simple-looking things directly impact the effectiveness of mousetraps.

Below are some common mistakes that most people make when placing the trap, and then they complain that mousetraps are not effective. Ensure that you are not making the following mistakes:

Not using sufficient traps.

Many homeowners think that placing one or two traps is enough to solve the severe rodent problem. According to the professionals, place multiple mousetraps if the problem is serious. In reality, many homeowners don’t use multiple traps and question the effectiveness of mousetraps.

Placing them in the wrong area.

Rodents are smart, and they frequently move from one place to another, looking for shelter and other sources of cover. When you are struggling to catch mice or rats with the traps, consider where you’re placing them. If you place the traps in the wrong place, mice can easily by-pass the trap. To get the desired results and make your mousetrap effective, set them about 2 to 10 feet apart in the places where you see them most active.

Bait also affects mousetraps effectiveness.

As per most users, the most effective mousetrap bait is cheese. But in reality, this approach is less effective as some types of rats don’t like and eat cheese, such as roof rats. Instead, you should use peanut butter as bait. It is more effective than any other baits, according to the experts.

Not checking them often.

Another mistake that might be affecting the effectiveness of your mousetrap is that you must check them frequently. You must check the traps daily, particularly the snap traps. This is because some mice can easily escape from the trap.

Plus, some mousetraps get out of commission when they trap a mouse. That is why you must check the trap daily to clear out all the trapped mice.

To conclude

These mistakes are at the user’s end, and these have nothing to do with the effectiveness of the mousetrap. You must use them precisely to be more effective. Any homeowner dealing with the problem should keep a very close eye on the traps to get rid of the rodent problem.

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