Kick the bucket mousetrap

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

The Kick the bucket mouse trap is a straightforward, practical trap that you can use indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, unlike other traps, Kick the bucket mousetrap can catch dozens of mice for weeks without the need for resetting or emptying. No other mousetrap comes close to Kick the bucket mouse traps regarding effectiveness and simplicity of use.

Is this mousetrap safe?

Yes, absolutely! The trap is entirely safe for you but not for those little critters. The trap doesn’t have any snaps to worry about. Similarly, no need to worry that your fingers will get caught while placing the trap. The trap is also safe to use around children as there are no snaps. When you have the kick the bucket mousetrap, no need to use hazardous chemicals, poisons, or pesticides, it is also safe to use around your pets.

It works everywhere where the concerns are rodents!

The Kick the Bucket Mousetrap can efficiently catch multiple mice at a time. Furthermore, you can use it as a killer mousetrap as well as a non-killing mousetrap. In our opinion, the mousetrap works flawlessly when you use them as a kill mousetrap. To do so, just fill it with water.

Conversely, you can also use it as a Live Trap to catch mice. To do so, don’t fill the bucket with water. However, keep in mind that your kind gestures of catching and releasing the mice can turn inhumane in no time.

If you find multiple mice in the bucket, release them immediately as they can kill each other. And don’t be shocked if the released mouse comes back again.

How it works?

The Kick the Bucket Mousetrap can hold 50 mice before it requires emptying. We hope you’re your problem is not that severe, and if it is, you are covered!

Furthermore, the trap includes a unique filter system. It reduces and prevents the smell of a dead mouse that usually shows up for up to a couple of days in any other mousetrap.

Moreover, the trap also features a “Dual Trapping System,” which you will not find in other mousetraps. The included “Barrel Roller” efficiently traps the mice as they try to cross the barrel roller to eat the bait. And during the attempt, they will fall from the roller into the bucket filled with water.

However, remember that all rodents and mice are not equal. Some are very vigilant and may avoid the roller, and some can also attempt to cross the floating trap filter. They fall and end up in a bucket filled with water.

Most consumers like to use this bucket mousetrap as a killing trap. Drowning a mouse is the most appropriate way to deal with rats and mice. Governmental agencies also recommend this killing method.

We understand that some users will be feeling that we cannot take this anymore, but it is a common household problem, so it is vital to know how to manage the issue before it comes to your property.

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