Humane mousetraps DIY

The most common question about the humane mousetraps that we received is, “Where to buy these traps? Can I make them on my own? Do these DIY humane mousetraps work?” And many more. So, we decided to answer all your queries by writing this extensive guide which will clear all your doubts, and by the end, you will learn how humane mousetraps DIY works.

A Glass and Peanut Butter Trap

This is a straightforward DIY humane mousetrap that is fully capable of catching a rat or mouse. Making this trap is also simple; just take some peanut butter in any glass (on the bottom) and place it upside down in such a way that it rests on the nickel. When the mouse will enter the glass and starts eating the bait, the nickel will move, and the mouse will get in the glass; alive.

Shoebox mousetrap

You can also make a trap from a shoebox, and it works. Here is how to do it. Take any shoebox, and make a rectangular hole on its top side, and paste some paper, creating a trap door. Then, place some bait like peanut butter in the center of the paper and place the shoebox where you often see the mice. The mouse will climb on the box to eat the bait, and they will fall into the shoebox.

Make mousetrap from Toilet Paper Rolls and a Bucket.

For this humane mousetrap DIY, you will have to place an empty toilet paper roll at the corner of your table. Then place the bait on the other end of the table and put the bucket beneath the paper roll. When mice will try to eat the bait, they will lose their balance, and both the rat and the roll will drop into the bucket. Ensure you are using the tall bucket so that the rat cannot jump out of it!

Swinging Lid Humane Mousetrap DIY method

Take a large and empty bucket and form an entry point at the top side of the bucket on both sides. It shouldn’t be large; just ensure that the mouse can easily enter it. Then, place a platform or make a ramp so that rat can easily reach it. Next, apply little peanut butter as bait on the other side, and go are good to go! The mouse will unsettle the platform, and eventually, it will fall into the bucket.

Spinning Can

This humane mousetrap DIY method is simple and almost like the previous method, but there is no platform in this DIY humane mousetrap. In this method, you will need an empty can and the bucket, but the method is a bit complicated so ensure you place it correctly. Use peanut butter as bait, and when the mouse will try to eat the bait, it will eventually fall in the bucket as the can will spin due to the mouse's weight.

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