How To Keep Mice Away from your House

Want to prevent your house from mouse invasion? You are at the right post as we also don’t like those pesky little creatures around our home.

Whether you are being extra careful or have successfully gotten rid of those pests and don’t want them to come back again to your property, this guide will help you a lot. So, what keeps the mouse away from your home? To stop the mouse from entering your home, you should adopt some good practices and don’t give them what they need: food and shelter. Follow these steps to keep mice and rats out of your home.

Always cover your garbage.

The whole process starts with covering your garbage bin properly. Always ensure that your outdoor trash bins are covered with sturdy lids. Metals are heavier than plastic ones, so they are more suitable for the job.

Store Pet Food Properly

One of the favorite items of mice and rodents is pet foods. Furthermore, if you like to feed your dog outdoor and often leave the food bowl outside, you are giving them an invitation to mice and rats to visit your home—store pet foodstuff in a sealed glass or metal containers to repel mice.

Check Composting

Composting is good, but it can make things worse if you are dealing with a pest problem. To prevent rodents, ensure that your compost bin is above the surface, especially if you compost food residues. Try to keep the bins away from your home as much as possible. Similarly, if you have trees full of fruits or nuts, collect all the fruits fallen on the ground.

Clean Up and Seal Containers

Always store dry goods and other foodstuffs in airtight and sealed storage containers or jars with a lid. Don’t forget to clean up all the food particles and leftovers as you see them. And don’t leave used plates in the kitchen sink.

Remove all the food sources from your garage and lawn. Store all the grains and fruits in refrigerator or glass containers with lids. Mice also like to chew, and you will often see their nests in the woods. So, don’t keep it in your garage. Keep things tidy and organize to prevent mice and rats. If you have any outside cooking space, keep the grills and the whole space clean.


For added prevention, you can apply a mouse repellent around your house. The essential oil formulas are safe and suitable for this purpose, and you can use them around your children and pets. It’s an effective way to deter mice before they invade your home.

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