How to dispose of dead mice and rats?

If you are enjoying your success after killing a mouse or rat with any trap, don’t get too excited; there is another unpleasant task waiting for you. Yes, the mission is not yet over, and now you will have to deal with the mouse’s dead body.

Below we will describe the safest and proper way to dispose of dead mice and rats.

Disposing of dead mouse and rats

You must realize that dealing with a live or dead mouse is not safe for your health. Similarly, you shouldn’t handle the mouse nest or feces. This is because they can spread various diseases such as Hantavirus, hemorrhagic fever, salmonella, and more even if they are dead. So, follow these steps to dispose of the dead mice.

STEP 1: Always wear a pair of protective or rubber gloves when disposing of them.

STEP 2: Spray any disinfectant or bleach-water solution on the dead mouse and the spot.

STEP 3: Then, place the dead body of the mouse in a sturdy plastic bag or box. If your mousetrap is reusable, keep the trap for the next hunting missing, and if it is disposable, throw it out with the mouse.

STEP 4: Place other belonging of the mouse in the trash bag, such as feces, droppings, nesting materials, or food particles and crumbles.

STEP 5: Next, seal that trash bag seamlessly. Never push out the air from the trash bag as it may cause germs to spread around your home.

STEP 6: Now, put the sealed trash bag in a new trash bag and seal that bag as well.

STEP 7: Now, you can dump the trash bag outside of your home in the waste.

STEP 8: Wash your hands with any soap and water or use any disinfectant.

STEP 9: Dispose of your gloves now and dump them into the garbage.

STEP 10: Again, wash your hands with soap and water properly.

How to eliminate the residual smell of a mouse?

Now that you have buried the mouse, chances will be that you might notice the bad and unpleasant smell of decay in your property. So, it’s time to get rid of that smell and if you don’t know how to eliminate it, here is the complete method.

· Wear protective gloves and then start the cleaning process.

· Ensure proper ventilation in your home and open all the windows.

· Use any fabric and clean juices, fur, and anything left by the mouse's dead body.

· Now, spray enzyme cleaner on the area and let it sit for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

· Now, clean the area with water.

· Now, spray any disinfectant on the spot and wash again with water.

If you found the dead body on any fabric, carpet, rug, blinds, or curtains, clean them by using high-temperatures and, if possible, use hydrogen peroxide with your laundry detergent.

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