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When those nasty pests like rats and mice overrun your home, you want to get rid of them permanently at any cost. But if you know their behavior, it gives you an upper hand when dealing with them. There are several options that you can use and eliminate these creatures from your property. But not all options are practical, and traditional mouse control options or traditional mouse traps lack safety, effectiveness, and ease. So, an effective mousetrap—yes, it exists and offers a reliable solution to kill those rodents quickly and efficiently.

Using effective mousetraps is safe to use in homes and do the job much quicker than others. Below are some of our recommendations regarding effective traps for mice and rodents, along with their benefits over traditional ones.

Traditional Rat Traps are stress and mess.

Managing this rat problem is stressful enough, and it gets worse when you are using complicated traditional traps that fails to do the job and ends up snapping the paw of your household pet.

Traditional wooden and plastic rodent traps may lead to drawn-out deaths or injured rats around your home, along with a messy cleanup.

One of the practical alternatives to traditional traps is sticky traps.

Sticky traps, aka glue boards, are humane traps. Rats step on them and get stuck, like flies on flypaper. They will stay alive but glued for hours until you release them at any safe place.

Another effective trap for mouse and rat is the:

Catch-and-release traps, aka live traps. These are cage traps, and once mice get in them, the door shuts, and it gets trapped inside. Rats and mice remain alive inside, and you can easily release them outside.

As traditional mousetraps are difficult to use, they can be painful for your fingers, so both these are perfect and safe alternatives to those traps.

Poison Baits are Hazards for Kids and Pets

Bait blocks and other rat killing poisons are effective, but they present various hazards and have many drawbacks. Mice that eat bait usually don't die in an open environment. Instead, they die at any corner inside your home and decompose—leaving that horrible smell behind. Eliminating that nasty smell is a tough job, and sometimes it might take a week or two to get rid of that dead mice smell from your home.

These baits and poisons are not safe to use around pets and kids. According to the U.S., Environmental Protection Agency, the poison control centers receive over 15,000 calls yearly regarding kids under six years old who accidentally digested rat poisons.

Catch and Release Rat traps are an effective, safer, and cleaner answer.

Luckily, traditional traps and toxic chemicals aren't your only choices when dealing with the rats and mice problems. You will find many options and mousetraps on the market that are effective, quick, and simple to use. Catch and release rat traps are among those, and these are a humane way to get rid of them. Furthermore, these traps are reusable and economical than others. Lastly, when you have these traps, no blood, no mess, and no snapped fingers.

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