Drop in the bucket mousetrap

As summer approaches and temperatures start to fall, you might see a few uninvited guests at your place to make your home theirs. Hot and humid seasons mean that chances are higher that mice and other rodents invade your property as they are looking for shelter and for cool places. So, it’s essential to be ready before the house mouse season comes. Mice and rodents are much more than just a nuisance. They can take over your kitchen or any other place in your yard in no time while diffusion disease and damaging your property. So, before you face your first group of unwanted guests, it is vital to look out for practical and effective ways to guard your place against these little but powerful pests.

What is a Drop-in bucket mousetrap?

At this point, nothing is more suitable than the drop in the bucket mouse trap. It is the last thing that you will need for a mice-free home. It is a simple trap to catch a mouse. This trap includes a spinning drum with a bait such as peanut butter. You will have to put the mechanism above the 5-gallon bucket and attach the ramp all the way from the surface to the bucket's top. This forms a welcoming path and allows the rodents to easily reach the bucket. As the mouse touches the drum lucrative from the bait's aroma, it will rotate, and the mouse will fall into the trap.

Furthermore, you can always trap rats and rodents with this Drop-in bucket mouse trap. The trap is entirely safe and non-toxic for your skin and overall health.

Moreover, this Drop in the Bucket Mouse Trap works flawlessly inside the home, but it also works well in other places like barns, stables, shops, garages, warehouses, factories, storage sheds, and chicken coops.

Do you know one amorous female mouse can produce 150 offspring each year? And one sex-crazy male mouse can father thousands. So, it's best to control their population, especially in your place.

Besides, the Drop in the Bucket Mouse Trap is useful for all types of rodents. You can use it to control the growth of mice, voles, and chipmunks. Above all, it comes ready to use, right out of the package. There is no complicated assembling work needed, and placing the trap is simple. Just apply the peanut butter, place it above the bucket, pour 3 inches of water, and set the ramp that leads to the bucket. And it will handle the rest.

However, we will advise you to check the bucket daily. You will find many in the bucket as this trap is also suitable for multi-catch. When it comes to dumping these little critters, no need to touch them; just take the bucket and dump them at any appropriate spot.

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