Bucket trap for mice

These little Mickeys and Minnies look cute but only in TV shows, not at our home. For some individuals, these are cute, but for many, they are nasty and scary, especially when they invade your property. Apart from their not so cute looks, they also spread various dangerous diseases. Luckily, there are many options that can control the cruel invasion of mice. You will find many homemade mousetraps, bait stations, rat-killing poisons, and much more. But the best trap for rodents and rats is the bucket mousetrap that works without doing any harm to them.

A bucket trap for mice is a humane way to get rid of the mice problem. Using and making this trap is simple and safe, unlike others. Below is the whole process to make and use the bucket trap for mice.

You will need:

· Empty Bucket

· Empty soda can or soup can

· Metal wire

· Bait such as cheese or Peanut butter

· Wooden plank.

Step by Step guide for bucket trap for mice:

If you are using a soup can, remove its lid and make a hole at the opposite end. If you have a soda can, you will have to drill a hole in the bottom. You can use any screwdriver to make a hole in the can.


Now take a large and tall bucket. Ensure that bucket is large enough so that mice cannot jump out of the bucket. We will advise you to use a standard five-gallon bucket. To get the desired results, apply oil or grease on the bucket’s inner side. At the bucket’s base, make two holes, one across from the other.


Now, feed the wire through the soda can, and hook it through the holes. Then, move the soda can with the wire and keep it in the center of the bucket. At this spot, ensure that the can is rotating or spinning freely; otherwise, you’ll have a mouse walking on a tight rope with the bait.


Don’t give that little thing any reason not to get that bait. In your scrap items, try to find any wood for the plank and place it angled against the bucket, creating a low slope and greeting incline. In the end, spread a good amount of bait such as cheese or peanut butter on the soda can. Then wait for that little thing to get trapped.

Remember that if you are setting up this trap in your home's busy areas such as the kitchen, leave the trap for a couple of days, and don’t forget to check it daily. If set correctly, it won’t take too long to catch a mouse. When it’s time to release the mice take this bucket trap for mice at any bushy area and set the little creature free away from your home. Happy, humane hunting!

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