Bucket mouse trap DIY

Have you ever heard the phrase “buy a better mousetrap?” Well, that’s not applicable in these times, and it is utterly obsolete as no other mouse trap is useful and better than bucket mousetrap.

The bucket mouse trap can catch multiple rats in a single attempt, and best of all, there is no need to reset the trap when a mouse is caught. On the other hand, the trap is effortless to build, and you will find all the parts in your garage. When you know the bucket mousetrap DIY method, you will never use commercial mouse traps or rat-killing poison again!

Bucket Mousetrap DYI

You will need these things to make this handy mousetrap.

· 5 Gallon or any large Bucket.

· Metal clothes hanger.

· Tin can

· Bait for mice such as cheese.

· Wood for ramp

First, make holes at the top side of the bucket on both ends.

Then make holes in the tin can’s center. Now, insert a metal hanger through the bucket and can holes till it reaches the other end. Then, use the bait and apply it to the can. Make a comfortable ramp for the mice to climb up.

Now, fill the water in the bucket if you plan to kill them, and if you want to feed them for your pet snake, don’t fill the bucket with water.

The trap will work when the mouse walks on the ramp and jump onto the can to get the bait. Due to the mouse’s weight, the can will spin, and it will buck the mouse off deep into the bucket.

Many readers have asked us regarding the “green liquid” they see at the bottom of the bucket in some bucket mouse traps. These are antifreezers that many people use in their pails while setting up the trap. These “preserve” the mouse and prevent the dead bodies from decomposing and creating a bad odor issue. This green thing comes in handy if you’re catching mice in the cabin in the woods or bug-out shelter, which you don’t visit for weeks.

Alternative Designs

You will see many designs of this bucket mouse trap. Every single has the main purpose, and there are no significant changes in the working mechanism.

You will see some bucket mousetraps which have drum instead of a standard 5-gallon bucket. These are more suitable if you have bigger rodents or rats instead of a little mouse. Mostly, what works for mice also works for rodents, but big rats can easily escape from the standard bucket, so use drums in such cases is more beneficial.

Lastly, if you tend to use this trap as an inhumane or killer trap for rats and mice, fill the bucket ¼ with water, and you can also pour a little soap in the water-filled bucket to kill the mice inside the bucket.

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