Best way to catch mice

Learning the art of eliminating mice starts with one straightforward question: do you want to go through the process in an easy way or the hard way? The whole can be as easy as making a call to pest control experts, or sometimes it can be a wild chase if you don’t know how to catch them.

So, for all those brave people who want to get rid of the mice problem on their own, here are some of the best ways to catch mice.

Use mouse traps.

The best way to catch mice and eliminate their whole infestation is by using mouse traps. Many traps can do the dirty work for you. But sometimes, you will have to use multiple traps just to catch a single mouse. So, it's better to use multiple traps at different locations. You can use bait traps, multiple-catch live traps, and sticky mousetraps. Using plenty of traps will give you a good chance to catch all of them at once.

Use the right bait for mouse traps.

Although you can use whatever you like as those little pests can eat whatever you throw at them, but some food items are their favorites, such as chocolate, peanut butter, bacon, pet food, oatmeal, dried fruit, or cheese. When placing the trap, keep the bait in such a way that it doesn’t get dislocated from its original position when mice try to get the bait. In some traps, you can also use the glue gun to secure the bait. It would be beneficial if you change the bait after every couple of days. If the bait isn't working, you can also use cotton balls or feathers as bait.

Bait stations.

Bait stations or packages are sealed packs with pellets. These bait stations usually come wrapped in plastic, paper, or cellophane wrapping so that mice and rats can easily eat them, and when they do so, they die. While the bait stations are effective in getting rid of mice, but only when you know how to use them correctly. Mostly these products are handled by experts to ensure the safety of your kids and other members.

Cats vs. Mice.

Some cat breeds love to chase and hunt mice. Even some dog breeds like to play with them. If you have pets at your home, they might be the best way to catch mice without making much effort. Many farms have barn cats just to reduce the presence of a mouse. But keep in mind, not all cat breeds can catch or hunt the mice, so ensure that you have the right one.


If you are still having trouble catching your household mouse or the infestation is too severe, you can always acquire professional rodent control companies' services. These pest control companies are also useful for the mice problem, but they can be too expensive.

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