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We all have seen those bulky cartoon mouse traps with a large piece of cheese placed on a piece of wood. But nowadays, mouse traps don’t need cheese as bait, and you will find many mouse traps, from electric to jaw traps to bucket traps. Similarly, you will also find many home remedies to control the presence of pesky rodents.

Besides, many of these mouse traps mean dealing with the dead body, but some traps allow you to get rid of them without killing them. In this read, we will talk about some of the best mouse trap types along with necessary details.

Types of Mouse Traps

Jaw mousetrap.

The jaw mouse traps are brutal of all types. These include a coiled spring and the aggressive triggering mechanism between the jaws, where the bait is placed. The trip snaps the spikes and jaws to close and kills the mouse in the most brutal way. However, at present times these traps are made of plastic. And they are safe for your fingers than traditional traps.

Spring bar mousetrap.

It is a simple mousetrap that includes a heavy-duty spring-loaded bar and a trip that releases it. You can use cheese or peanut butter as bait in this mousetrap. The spring-loaded bar shuts down quickly and with potent power when anything or a mouse touches the trip. This breaks the mouse's neck or spinal cord or crushes its ribs or skull due to the immense bar force.

Electric mousetrap.

An electric mousetrap is an advanced solution for the mice problem, and it is one of the best mouse traps on the market. It delivers a heavy dose of electricity when the mouse touches the circuit. The electrodes in these traps come securely retained in a plastic box to avoid accidental injuries to you and your pets. You can also these as commercial mouse traps.

Glue mousetraps.

Glue mousetraps include synthetic adhesive on any cardboard, plastic plates, or other materials. Bait is usually kept in the middle, and you can also add a scent to the adhesive to make it more lucrative. Glue traps are more suitable for small rodent problems and indoor uses.

Bucket mousetraps.

Bucket traps can be brutal, or you can also use them in a non-lethal way. There is a ramp for a mouse in bucket mouse traps that leads to the edge of a water-filled container, for example, a bucket. Furthermore, these are the most effective and capable of catching many mice at a time.

To Summarize the Best Mouse Traps Types

Picking the best mouse trap type to control the rodent problem is essential. This section will help you understand the common uses of all mouse traps to get rid of the problem.

· If you want a reliable solution and most efficient solution, use an Electronic Mouse Trap.

· If you are looking for an affordable option to trap mice quickly? Get the Snap-E Plastic Traps.

· Don’t want to see all that bloody mess, buy a catch and release mouse trap.

· If you are dealing with multiple rodents at your place, use bucket mouse traps.

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