Best mouse traps for kitchen

When you look at mice and rats in cartoons and TV shows, they actually cute and adorable. Our childhood memories are full of beautiful and funny mouse characters, right from Mickey Mouse to evergreen Tom and Jerry; we’ve laughed for decades because of these characters and due to their antics. But things are not the same when it comes to reality, and most of us don’t like them in our kitchen or at any other place on our property.

Furthermore, mice and any other similar creatures are extremely dangerous pests. From creating a mess in our kitchen to carrying harmful diseases, they are a real threat to your home and your family members. Attempting to catch a mouse or rat that outbreak your kitchen is frustrating, and sometimes it can be frightening.

But don’t worry, there are many types of mousetraps that you can use in your kitchen, and these are quite effective. Below we will some of the best mousetraps for a kitchen that will surely help you out.

Use snap or Sticky traps in your kitchen

Perhaps the most effective mousetrap for your kitchen is the sticky or snap trap. This is because using harsh chemicals in your pantry and kitchen is hazardous, and applying rat poison is not safe in such places. These old-fashioned snap traps are handy, but the trick is placing them adequately and without hurting yourself. The sticky traps also work well, but it takes too long for the mouse to die. After all, no one likes to see a live rat or mouse stuck into the trap and flopping in your kitchen.

Furthermore, snap and sticky mouse traps are simple to dispose of and clean than the other types of mousetraps. When placing these traps, place a paper bag on both sides of the trap and put the trap inside that bag. The rodent will enter the paper bag for the bait, and it will ultimately get stuck in the paper bag. And you can effortlessly pick the bag and throw it away from your home—no need to touch the mouse or trap.

Live and caught & release mousetraps.

Live and caught & release mousetraps are another old-fashioned and the best mousetraps for kitchens. These can be humane and lethal mousetraps. The cage keeps the mice inside it, and later you can kill or release them as per your preferences. The mouse will remain completely sealed inside the trap, and it cannot come out from it like they do in other types of mousetraps. However, you will have to check the trap regularly and release the mouse as soon as it gets caught inside the cage.

Lastly, we will advise you that when releasing the mice, follow all the precautions and don’t try to touch them as you don’t know what type of disease and microbes they are carrying.

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