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Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Mice traps have many types, designs, and styles. All types of mousetraps are effective, but their effectiveness is not the same. Some are more useful for commercial purposes, while some mice trap work best outdoors.

Some of the most common mice traps include snap traps, electric mice traps, spring-loaded mice traps, and glue traps. But none of these will work if you don’t know how to place them correctly. Even the best mice traps will not catch the mouse if placed inadequately.

Which Type Of Mousetrap Should You Use?

It mainly depends on the size of mice infestation and how severe the problem is at your place. Ask yourself the following questions before placing any trap:

Do you see them indoor or outdoor? Do you want to trap them alive or want to kill them? Do you have any kids or pets? And how much affected your home is?

Answers to all these questions are a must, and only then you can plan the whole process; and after planning the strategy, use the best mice traps.

Tips to the best mice traps

Location: Trap’s placement is the first and vital step. Know the places where you often see them, such as behind appliances, objects, and corners. Always use the traps in a place where mice are nesting or running.

Use Enough Mousetraps: In some cases, you will need multiple mice traps, especially when the infestation is large or severe. Place the best mice traps at intervals along the walls, in your kitchen, and in other places in your house. For example, place two traps behind the stove, other two traps behind the kitchen appliances, and two traps near the sink. Sometimes you can catch them on the first attempt, but multiple attempts and traps are needed most of the time.

Use Mousetraps in Combination: In all areas where mice activity is high, it is recommended to use two different types of mousetraps such as snap or glue mousetraps. This tactic is useful as it catches them when they jump over one trap and get caught in the other trap.

Baits or Lures: Never use too much bait; instead, use the bait in a small amount (pea size) just to lure them. The best mice trap bait is peanut butter, as per experts. However, you can also use fried bacon, salami, oatmeal, cheese, and chocolate. If there are many mice in your home, it is beneficial to use a variety of baits in the best mice traps as the different items will lure them more.

In the End

If you notice that the mice are making their nest at your home, they will go after the materials such as cotton, string, etc. So, it is advised to place the best mice traps in those areas as the trapping chances will be much higher.

Best Mouse Trap

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