Best homemade mousetraps

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Seeing a rat or mouse, especially in your home, might cause you to jump onto a couch. This situation is a normal and common household problem that many people don’t like to have, but it persists in many homes. So, what are your options? You can get rid of this problem in many ways, and one method is using the best homemade mousetraps.

The main benefit of using homemade mousetrap is that they are more practical than others, simple to use, and these traps are not at all dangerous for your health. So, let’s take a look at some of the best homemade mousetraps that are safe for you but not for those nasty little creatures.

Spoon and Bucket Trap

This homemade trap is perfect if you often see your household mouse on your kitchen countertops. Making and using this mousetrap is also simple; take a bucket and place it against the counters. Then, place one spoon of peanut butter on the handle of that spoon and balance it off the counter’s edge. The spoon should be placed in a way that peanut butter is hanging above the bucket. When the mouse will try to reach the peanut butter, the spoon will get unbalanced due to the mouse’s weight and fall into the bucket. Next morning you will find it in the bucket, and you can release it on any other place far from your home.

Soda Bottle and Bucket Trap

For this homemade trap for rats, you will need an empty soda bottle, a metal skewer, an empty bucket, a small piece of wood, and a mouse bait such as peanut butter. First, run the skewer from side to side with the soda bottle and place it on the bucket’s top and keep the bottle’s neck close to the one side of the bucket. Now, put a tablespoon of peanut butter close to the base of the empty soda bottle. Then, cut the wood and make the ramp or walkway for the rat. When the mouse will climb to the bottle to eat the peanut butter, the soda bottle will spin from the mouse’s weight, and it will get trapped in the bucket.

Coin and Glass Trap

You will need a nickel, an empty glass, and bait for the mouse in this simple homemade trap for rodents and mice. First, put some bait inside the glass and then put the glass on the ground in an upside-down position. Ensure that nickel is upholding up one end of that glass. When the rat will enter into the glass for the bait, the nickel will drop along with the glass, and the mouse will get caught inside the glass.

In the End

Remember that before and after placing these homemade mousetraps, ensure that all entry and exit points of the mouse are sealed. This is because mice are smart and, after marking their territory, then can easily escape from a distance. So, you have to more vigilant and careful when placing these homemade traps for mice.

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