5-gallon bucket mousetrap

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Are you engaged in a full-fledged war with mice or rats in your home or office? We can understand. The rats and mice problem is tough to deal with, and sometimes this simple-looking issue becomes an enormous headache.

Learning and understanding the practical mouse management methodology is also tiring and frustrating. Most of the time, you can encounter a situation where you think you are out of options and nothing will work for you. But some mouse traps are handy, economical, and suitable for all common mouse problems, and one such trap is the 5-gallon bucket mouse trap.

The Effectiveness of 5-gallon Bucket Mouse Traps

Quite often, you will feel that your household rats have bolted your trapping efforts by showing amazing evasion and survival skills. The mice are great when it comes to escaping and evasion, and many times they deserve a plaque and standing aviation. Am I Right? That will not be the case when you are using a 5-gallon bucket mousetrap, which will entirely change how the escape story ends.

These mouse traps are practical and capable of catching many mice at once. Furthermore, these are the most straightforward mouse traps that you will find on the market. Unlike others, you can use them for many weeks or even months without spending extra bucks on maintenance. You can also make your own 5-gallon bucket mousetrap, and if you don’t know how; here is the method:

DIY guide to make a 5-gallon bucket mouse trap:

Take a 5-gallon bucket and make two holes in it. Drills the holes slightly larger than the width of a hanger. Drill the holes on the bucket's side. Then, take an empty aluminum pop can and again make a hole at each end. The size of these holes should be the same and equal. Now, use snips to trim the long, bottom section of a wire hanger. Insert the thin metal wire through a hole, then through the pop can, and then insert it through the other bucket’s hole. Try to twist and lock the wire-ends and then move the pop-up can to the middle of the 5-gallon bucket.

Now comes the bait part. The best bait for the mousetrap is the peanut butter that you should apply over the pop can evenly. Now grab a stick, and make six-inch pieces. Glue these pieces to the bucket’s edge. Then place the remaining stick from the ground to the pieces. This will make an entry ramp for rodents and rats. Now fill the bucket with water and wait for the mouse to enjoy swimming.

It’s simple to make a mousetrap by using a standard 5 gallons bucket. You can also adjust and customize the above-mentioned 5-gallon bucket mouse traps as per your exact needs. Bucket mouse traps are not the last option for you, but without a doubt, it is one of the useful and simple to use out there.

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