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11 Mice in 1 night we must be doin' sumthin' right!



Guy Beryman

We had a mouse infestation In our Tioga motorhome. The mice entered through a few overlooked holes in the underbelly of the rig so I bought one of the Dead Mouse Inc. rolling log mouse traps and baited it with peanut butter and set it up inside my trailer one night. I opened all the cabinets inside, then I shut off the lights. The next morning I had 3 mice floating in my bucket! The wife can finally sleep at night now ha ha! Awesome product and great device! 


Rick Landros

Rick Landros

I have a few outdoor dog kennels and

the left over dog food creates a mouse problem if it isn't cleaned up completely. I purchased a Dead Mouse bucket mouse trap and caught numerous mice in one week. It's basically a spinning mouse trap and It works great, I keep the trap baited now and use it to control the mouse problem.




Looking for the best bucket mouse trap system that works?

Let us show you how to trap mice by the BUCKET LOAD! 

Tired of catching mice 1 at a time? Our mouse bucket device - rolling log mouse trap produces amazing results, It's like a magnet for mice! The perfect mousetrap to eliminate mice in your Camper, Rv, Attic, Home or Garage! The Dead Mouse Inc. 5 gallon bucket mouse trap automatically resets eliminating multiple mice within 1 day. Our walk the plank and bucket style mouse traps can also be used as a humane mouse trap (no water in the bucket). This allows you to get rid of mice naturally

Mice multiply by the 100's, trapping one or two will not get rid of your rodent problem. It's crucial to eliminate a whole colony of mice. This is where we can help you. Toss out your old inefficient snap traps, and wipe out mice quicker and easier with the ultimate rolling log - spinning mouse trap available. With the ability to kill numerous mice in ONE NIGHT! A rolling log or walk the plank style mouse trap is truly the best mousetrap to produce results. Effectively getting rid of your mice infestation quicker and easier then any other mouse trap. 

Our lightweight rolling log mousetraps are proudly made in the USA. Each mouse trap uses the best material to ensure they spin freely with the slightest flick of your finger, resulting in over a 98% Kill Rate. Give our bucket mouse trap a try, you'll be glad you did.

​If you have any questions about our bucket mouse trap, walk the plank mouse trap, 

or tips on how to trap mice, please contact us down below.

We are here to help. Thank You!




  • Proudly made in the USA

  • Automatically resets catching multiple mice

  • Easy to use indoors or outdoors

  • A safe non-toxic bucket mouse trap

  • Purchase with or without a ramp

  • Rotates nicely for a 98% kill rate

  • Can be used as a humane trap (no water)


  • Attics

  • Boats

  • Basements

  • Farms

  • Hot tubs

  • House

  • RV's

  • Trailers

  • Sheds




  • Break-away style mouse trap

  • Automatically resets

  • Best mouse trap to capture multiple mice

  • Easy set up

  • Adjustable tension

  • Smooth curved design traps more mice!

  • First 3" is a stable platform to make mice comfortable, the last 4" pivots downward

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